Planning a Home Renovation? Consider Local Suppliers for the Best Results

There used to be a time, just last year to be exact, when we could all order from any suppliers that we wanted to for our home renovations. However, recent events have shown us that that isn’t the best course to take if we want to finish our renovations on schedule!

We are all going to be looking at a new normal in life now and that new normal is going to have us needing to prepare differently than we have in the past. We are no longer going to be able to order a product from halfway around the world and hope that we get it when we want it less than two weeks later. There are going to be hoops that need to be jumped through and major issues to be solved if we continue to operate in that way.

Thankfully, there is a solution! While home renovations are very important, most of them do not need to be completed immediately. Our new normal might be to create a plan for the renovations, order the materials that are needed, and then establish a lead time for when the work can begin. This lead time can be a month or two in the future, which will basically ensure all the materials are on site before the work starts.

Of course, this is not our only option. We can also source as many materials from local suppliers. These suppliers can get the items to us much faster than those suppliers overseas. While we might not have as many options when we stick to local suppliers, we at least know that the quality of everything we order will be excellent.

You may wonder how we know this, and the answer is simple. We know these people, because they are our neighbours and friends. They may be your neighbours and friends too! And they are not going to produce a subpar material or item that is going to risk their business!

Here at Blueprint Projects, we know that the world threw us for a loop in recent months

As we slowly get back to what our new normal is going to be, we want to assure you that we are going to do everything that we can to keep all the home renovations we do on schedule. We will use the options we listed above and will even work with you on other options that you want to impose as well.

Turning your home into your dream home should never come with too many problems, so plan ahead, source products locally, and have the space of your dreams so much sooner!